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Tailored Professional Learning Projects

Bricks Learning Australia tailored Professional Learning workshops Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Perth VIC NSW SA WA Australia New Zealand

About Professional Learning Tailored Projects

The context of each school environment and their journey to achieving 21st Century Learning environments varies. We work with each school to establish their strategic plan and vision for learning and then devise a tailored Professional Learning Plan in achieve their goals. Each workshop and project is designed with the teaching and learning philosophy, curriculum frameworks and technical platform in mind. Tailored Professional Learning Projects range in length from one Term to 2 years depending on the requirements of each school or education system.

Bricks Learning Australia tailored Professional Learning workshops Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Perth VIC NSW SA WA Australia New Zealand

Tailored Workshops

We have a range of workshops available ranging from half day to full day depending on the content we cover. If you’re looking for longer term programs, please see our tailored project packages below.

Strategic Planning for Effective Technology Programs

Executive leadership workshops establishing a clear blueprint for successful technology programs.

ePortfolio Development using the AITSL Standards and OneNote

Aimed to support teachers and educational leaders to design an ePortfolio that incorporates digital content, a range tools to reflect on your pratise as well as collaborate and receive feedback.

Designing High Level Collaboration in the Classroom

Learn what high level collaboration looks like in the classroom and how to design collaborative tasks which leverage digital technologies.

Self-Regulation, Quality Feedback and Student Performance

Explore the importance of self-regulation with reference to student progress and how to design tasks which support self-regulation, including how to provide high quality feedback using digital technologies.

Knowledge Construction and Critical Thinking in a Digital Age

Learn how to scaffold the critical thinking process using digital technologies.

Real-World Problem Solving, Design Thinking and STEM

Learn how to design STEM learning activities which support students to engage in design thinking and solve real world problems using technology.

Skilful Communication and Designing High Level Presentations

Learn how to design learning around high level presentation skills incorporating a range of digital tools and content.

Building Collaborative Professional Learning Teams with Office 365

Learn how to create a collaborative learning environment by developing a shared purpose, implementing norms and structures which support professional dialogue, exploring the impact of collective staff efficacy and developing a strategy for substantive decision making around curriculum development. You will walk away with an understanding of collaborative Professional Learning environments, the skills to engage in online collaborative platforms and an understanding of what collectively you are trying to achieve within your Professional Learning Team.

Bricks Learning Australia tailored Professional Learning workshops Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Perth VIC NSW SA WA Australia New Zealand

Tailored Projects

Our tailored projects are the perfect way for your school to choose a particular focus and reinforce the knowledge.

Leveraging Digital – 20 Hour Package

This Professional Learning Plan emphasises the uptake of a specific technology platform, but with reference to best practice and key pedagogy focus Identifying key pedagogy focus with reference to research and best practice. Technical skill building in OneDrive, OneNote, Sway and Office Mix OR Web 2.0 and open software OR IOS apps. Emphasis on skill building and applying to classroom practice.

21st Century Learning Design and Leveraging Digital – 40 Hour Package

This project emphasises that pedagogy must come first in changing classroom practice. Key pedagogical areas are identified and tailored to each education context. Leveraging the digital environment enables further enhanced skills and lesson design improvement. New knowledge and skills are applied to the curriculum through lesson re-design and leveraging technology in meaningful ways.

Leading 21st Century Learning – 70 Hour Package

This project is designing to support whole school improvement by developing and implementing the schools strategic vision for 21st Century learning. There is an emphasis on leading change by building teacher capacity through ongoing Professional Learning opportunities through developing an executive workshop on strategic planning, developing a change of pedagogical practice through workshops and in class support as well as leveraging the digital platforms available. Teachers will receive in class support and feedback on their lesson design in a blended Professional Learning environment. The change in curriculum outcomes are measured and evaluated for whole school change.

Designing the 21st Century School – 100 Hour Package

This comprehensive project about designing and implementing the school’s vision for 21st Century learning and using technology meaningfully across the curriculum. There is an emphasis on building teacher capacity over time and developing Professional Learning Communities to sustain whole school change. Along with curriculum workshops, lesson observations and in-class support sustainable change is supported with the training of ICT Peer Coaches and development of Professional Learning Communities.

Bricks Learning Australia tailored Professional Learning workshops Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Perth VIC NSW SA WA Australia New Zealand


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