Professional Learning | Bricks Learning
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Professional Learning


Bricks Learning provides tailored Professional Learning programs for schools and education systems based on their vision for learning and a teaching and learning strategy. We provide capacity building opportunities for educators based on contemporary theories and research and leverage digital technologies to enhance the learning process.

Professional Learning Tailored Solutions

Curriculum Coaching

Strategic Plan Development

Online Feedback of Lesson Design

Keynote Presentations

Lesson Observations

Team Teaching

21st Century Learning Design

Knowledge construction

Skilful communication

Self regulation


ICT use for learning

Real world problem solving

Technology Skill Building

Office 365 Workshops

Designing Learning in the OneNote Class Notebook

Educator Collaboration in OneNote

App, Web 2.0 and Cloud Technology workshops

ICT Peer Coaching Facilitator Training

Peer Coaching

21st Century Learning Design focus

Office 365 Training

Facilitator Accreditation

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