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About Bricks Learning

The Bricks Learning methodology is about designing tailored Professional Learning programs for schools and education systems based on their vision for learning and a teaching and learning strategy.  The methodology aims to provide opportunities for educators to gain new knowledge and skills by engaging in capacity building opportunities to ensure that educators are supported to developing 21st Century learning environments.  The approach is about integrating contemporary pedagogy from current theories of research, along with opportunities to engage in curriculum coaching and learning how to leverage technology within the context of each classroom.


Rowena Ulbrick holds various certifications including Microsoft Learning Consultant, Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Educator Surface Expert and OneNote All Star.

About Rowena Ulbrick

Rowena Ulbrick Bricks Learning

I have worked across education sectors in Australia and internationally for over ten years. I am committed to supporting teachers and leadership teams to provide rich learning experiences for young people through quality professional learning, leadership and managing change effectively.

I am a Microsoft Learning Consultant, Microsoft Education Master Trainer, Microsoft Peer Coach Master Trainer, Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design Master Trainer and have a degree in Master of Educational Leadership.  My research on 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) and Professional Learning was recently published in an Australian academic journal in 2014.  Through my work as Director of Bricks Learning, I have supported teachers and education leaders to design learning for 21st Century capabilities and utilise technology as a powerful tool for thinking, learning and creativity. My energy and enthusiasm for education comes from my commitment to life-long learning and providing quality learning experiences for all.

“I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you collaboratively, to build teacher capacity and ensure that all learners have an opportunity to be equipped with the skills they need to be successful in work and life in an ever-changing world.” – Rowena Ulbrick
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